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Front splitters: where can I found some like these?

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On my previous car, a BMW 330, I added what I thought were the 'perfect' splitters: discrete, but just that little bit sporty/aggressive and - crucially - OEM (they were a BMW accessory).

Does anyone know of a company producting similar style splitters for the Eos?

TIA :)

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I doubt they'll be an OEM version for the EOS as it doesn't really have any racing pedigree. I expect BMW have designed them to help with their exploits on track, so can make them available publicly relatively cheaply. I doubt it would make commercial sense to do so for public use only.
You're probably right, though I would settle for a non-OEM piece of kit if it's discreet enough (i.e. none of your carbon fibre rubbish with holes drilled in it and a couple of blue neon tubes to light up the underneath of the car!)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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