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George Michael

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Hiya everyone, went to see George Michael last night at the New Wembley Stadium, fab nite, just me and a friend, after sitting in my seat for 20 minutes, I hear 'I dont believe it' its only one of my sisters friends, and her seat was right next to mine!! Isnt that weird out of all those 60,000 seats ??? Thats not all...... your'll never guess what car she's got ( OK you have !) An Eos !!!!! Whats the odds on that then ?? I think its amazing ( check the lyrics!!! )
Just had to tell u all.
Hope your enjoyed the sun down South this weekend, Roofs down.

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What taste you have !

I must commend you on your taste in cars and artists, I too am an EOS nut and george micheal is one hell of a performer, sounds great in my EOS top down of course !
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