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Getting sick of the comments...

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I will scream at the next person who tells me that the Eos was voted the best woman's car in a recent poll. This is turning into a reason to get out of it and back into a boy racer GTi or R32.

I apologise now to any ladies who may fall into this category who may be reading... but I do not want the Eos to become another MR5 or Merc soft top driven by the blonde hairdresser with fake Chanel shades and dark roots a'showing. I do not want it to be called a 'hairdressers' car, but this poll makes me shudder.

We are all individuals with taste. We bought the car because we saw quality and rarity and knew it would be fun to drive.. not because we saw it in a poll and I dread to see the numbers of Eos which will be sold to girls due to this!

In fact one of the things I like about this forum is the number of 'butch' :rolleyes: men who frequent.. hello boys;) ! A few women are needed on here to keeep you all under control but what if they (we) take over?? God, I sound like a trampled woman who hates women.. far from it. Quite the feminist I am!:eek: So I am almost 40, pierced in many places, short dyed damson hair (yes.. hiding the grey) and at the moment proud to be an Eos driver! Not a curling tongue or perm lotion in sight.


PS My best friend is blonde and drives a merc soft top, so I don't hate them!! And yes, I've had a tough day at work. I'm normally very nice!
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...or a flower mounted on the dashboard.
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