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Good and Bad points of the Eos

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I am collecting an Icelandic Grey Eos TDI 2.0 Diesel Turbo with DSG (auto transmission) tomorrow Sun 30 Mar 08; and should get a lot of Vitamin D.

To me, the Eos represents unrivalled value for a hard top convertible and coupe with a sunroof. I think its other good points include:

Quality interior (material and fit); Exceeds Astra Twintop by far; Stops short of BMW & Mercedes-Benz;
DSG - Slick 6 speed auto transmission; Beats the new Mercedes C Class entry level models of 5 speed autos;
Relatively quiet and frugal diesel engine; Much quieter than a Merc C220 CDI;
Pretty looking front; Not as good looking as a BMW 3 series convertible, but is half its price (Australian pricing is awkward when compared to the US and the UK).

Its bad points include:

Not great looking backside and side profile
Front wheel drive

What do other Eos owners who have had the car for some time think?
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1, should have waited for the DSG (so not technically a fault)
2, wind noise around top of windscreen with roof up( not a whistle/ leak but just noisy, suppose due to lack of insulation and sunroof)
3, lack of grip when pulling off.
4, poor standard spec( no cruise, steering wheel controls, auto light/wipers. all standard on lesser vw models)

personally i love the look of the car from all angles especially with the roof up
Just love it.... Don't mean to rub it in, but the DSG is the best thing in the whole world!
GRRR :mad:

i have had autos for 12 years and really miss it :(
Ive not had no wind noise to be honest its as quiet as a mouse. I got the MF steering wheel so got that didnt go for cruise control dont need it erm its just fantastic :D

Steph xx
i tried 2 others and they were the same

mind you its hard to hear over the clatter of a deisel :D
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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