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Got mine

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Took delivery of my new eos on friday 13th. What a beauty!. have only dropped the roof down once as it's been raining since i got it. At least i know that the roof don't leak.
Got up at 5:30 this morning just to stare out of the window and have fallen in love with it.Hopefully it's going to be a nice day and i am going topless to get a suntan on my bold head.

Shadow blue. 2 litre tdi. cream nappa.i pod connect.
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Hi Bobster,

Hope you enjoyed the sun in Coventry on Saturday.

I was cruising through Coventry on Saturday, roof down of course. Now Sunday, and back to the miserable weather.

One positive results is that I can confidently say that my EOS does not leak ! We've had enough rain since I got mine in March, to give it a REAL test.
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