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Greetings...from Lisbon!!!

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Hi Guys!

I'm a Portuguese "Eos owner" who wants do tell to the "Eos owners" in Australia (what an amazing Country...i wish one day have the chance to visit you!!!)...from this part of the world, we also love the EOS!!! And just to put you all with a bit of jealous...I live near the VW Plant where these amazing cars are built...and I work there as well (in Logistic Dept.)!!!:) :D

So, every day my Eos returns to the place where it was built...and "he" loves the ride!!!:)

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Are there delays in Portugal ?

Dear JC_Eos,

Great to have a Eos factory staff member on the forums- can you shed light on why there is such a long delay in deliveries?

Is the demand up or is there a production problem?


Our Man in Lisbon

Dear JC,

Thanks for that ! Its great to hear that the Eos factory is not lagging behind.

I have been informed that my Eos has been shipped and is now due Sept 13th. in Australia and I should have it by the end of September. Lookin' forward to it !

So what other interesting insider information can you tell us ?

What is the KENN number?

best regards,
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