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Greetings...from Lisbon!!!

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Hi Guys!

I'm a Portuguese "Eos owner" who wants do tell to the "Eos owners" in Australia (what an amazing Country...i wish one day have the chance to visit you!!!)...from this part of the world, we also love the EOS!!! And just to put you all with a bit of jealous...I live near the VW Plant where these amazing cars are built...and I work there as well (in Logistic Dept.)!!!:) :D

So, every day my Eos returns to the place where it was built...and "he" loves the ride!!!:)

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Dear JC_Eos,

Great to have a Eos factory staff member on the forums- can you shed light on why there is such a long delay in deliveries?

Is the demand up or is there a production problem?


Hi midician,

It isn't quite easy to explain you the right reasons...just because we don't know all of them as well!!! We receave the orders from WOB (Wolfsburg) and we build the cars in a "2 weeks" range...or in worst cases...3 weeks! Then it is a normal procedure of Shipping the cars. I think the main reason for such delays is more dependent on how late we get the orders from Germany...:eek:

Just to give you an example, we are now running at medium speed (we are producing under our capacities...m/l...50%) and what we get from Germany is that they don't have much more volume...!!! I have a little difficulty to understand this because i usually read VW foruns from all around the globe and what i see is that are lots of people waiting for their cars...sometimes, several monthes!!!

I believe, and this is a personal opinnion, that VW is giving priority to some new models, such as the nem GOLF VI, the new SCIROCCO (we build this last one as well) and is letting some other models EOS for instance! Maybe we can expain this with, for example, the lack of engines that VW group is facing at this moment (VW have "under-capacity" on engines right now):confused:

Right now the EOS production is facing a hudge decrease...we are only producing +/- 60/70 EOS per day, mainly because of US market's fall!!!But we have capacity to increase this output at any time!!! From our side (Logistics and Production), everything is doing fine, without major problems and the cars are being buildt with very high quality standards!

Policies my friend!!!:(

Best Regards...and if you buy one, let me know the Kenn number of it! I will follow it with close attention!!!;)

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