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Hi All,

If your brake lights are not aligning well, or if your trunk locks itself back after using the trunk release button on the driver's side door, read through. Below instructions are in the order the pictures are uploaded, and fixes both issues. :)

1&2 - This is what I had..

3 - Remove the plastic cover. There are a couple of tabs holding this down, pull up gently, but manly, and it will pop up. No screws. There is a short wire for the trunk light, so again, pull gently but manly.

4 - Undo the screws shown here. These are spline, not torx. I borrowed a bit from an auto parts store.

5 - Slide the assembly down by a few mm and re-tighten. Be careful, there's a lot of playroom here. You don't want to go lower than what is needed. Measure the existing location from top of the frame if needed. Last thing I did was to check if the pull down mechanism had too much resistance or not. I placed my phone in the trunk and recorded the operation. You can see if it pulls enough judging by the grease marks on the lever. Here's a link to what I've recorded.

6- Done! Perfectly aligned and see if it is relocking itself now. :)

Any questions let me know.


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