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H I D Kits

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Just wondering if anyone HAS installed an aftermarket HID KIT.I is a plug ins.No mod.I heard that you will get an error CODE.Any one can confirm.
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I tried installing HID kit on my Eos but they were not compatible with the lower voltage the low beam headlight circuit puts out while in DRL mode ( I measured about 10 volts ).

The ballasts don't draw 55 Watts like the standard bulbs do, the draw more like 20-25 watts but that is enough so that you don't get any headlight error or warning in the MFD.

As long as you buy a system with the correct H7 bulbs it will be semi plug and play. The connectors will match up, you won't have to cut any wires, BUT you will have to drill about a 1" hole in your headlight weather covers to pass the wiring out of the headlight box to a location where you mount your HID ballasts very near the headlights under the hood. I modified the 1" grommets so that I could pass both the HID leads and the ballast power leads through the same grommet keeping things weather tight.

So there is some work involved in doing a neat job of adding HIDs.

= = = = =

All that said - unless you are willing to modify your headlight settings with a Ross-Tech VAG-COM you will not be satisfied with the results...

The HID kit I purchased were not stable with the lower voltage so I unistalled and I went with Sylvania SilverStar Ultras instead they are 2X brigher than the stock bulbs, not quite as good as HID but a lot whiter and brighter than stock bulbs.

Your other choice would be to have your DRL feature disabled on the low beams, or set the DRL mode to run low beams at full battery voltage, or set DRL to use fog lights instead of low beams. This can be done with a Ross-Tech VAG-COM to modify the lighting control settings in your Eos.
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