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I tried installing HID kit on my Eos but they were not compatible with the lower voltage the low beam headlight circuit puts out while in DRL mode ( I measured about 10 volts ).

I have found that the HID ballasts don't work well at cold temperatures without full battery voltage, they flicker or don't come on at all.

The HID kit I purchased were not stable with the lower voltage so I unistalled and I went with Sylvania SilverStar Ultras instead they are 2X brigher than the stock bulbs, not quite as good as HID but a lot whiter and brighter than stock bulbs.

Your other choice would be to have your DRL feature disabled on the low beams, or set the DRL mode to run low beams at full battery voltage, or set DRL to use fog lights instead of low beams. This can be done with a Ross-Tech VAG-COM to modify the lighting control settings in your Eos.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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