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Had new EOS 1 day

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:) Collected my new EOS yesterday. So far so good, a bit worried about the latest comments on the roof not operating properly. First it was the leaks now it is the roof. What have I let myself in for? Had autoglyn treatment inside and out. Dealer eventually knocked off £50.00. Did the deal with the servicing, as I thought that was quite good. Also you get three years freed roadside assistance with that as well.
Good luck to everyone who are soon to join us with their new cars. I will be keeping my fingers crossed, when it rains, and then again when it is sunny in case the roof gets stuck!!!

Eos 2.00 T sport FSI Island grey, red nappa leather. Cruise control. luxury pack, steering wheel, Westwood wheels (Great) wind deflector.
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I echo those sentiments as well. Just enjoy your Eos, most problems any one on the fourm has are very minor and a few have had serious problems. However looking around the roads for Eos there are a lot more out there than are contributors to this forum. If there were any major problems with the roof etc you can be sure they would have been picked up in the motoring press before now. E.G. The Focus CC

Every Drives an Adventure in an Eos.
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