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Hi to all

I ordered my EOS Individual last summer and it was delivered last September. It might seem to be a bit of time before I did anything on this board, but I seemed to be travelling on busienss the whole time - I have only put 2000 miles on the clock - so I have only just really got it properly bedded in. I just love it! I have had a few niggles (occasional lid failure, most specifically the sunroof not closing), but it will go back to the (pretty helpful) VW dealer in Haywards Heath (Sussex) for a seond and should be final time. I am sure they will fix it - but intermittent faults are always hard to trace, even if they do seem to be not uncommon...

Provided it is traced and fixed, I shall remain extremely happy. Every time I get behind teh wheel, it makes my day. Beautiful day today, (mid March), went for the full works - lid down, windows down, wind deflector installed but vertical component down...

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