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Headlights - How do I Adapt RH Drive for Europe

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Anyone know what to do about adapting headlights on my UK RH drive Eos for holiday touring in Europe?
Dealer suggests taking it to workshop - seems like wimping out and needs two trips - before and after! I do not have Xenons and handbook says can stick tape on the lights but is shy about where the tape should be positioned! Does anyone have a template or illustration please?
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Here's a link for some helpful information on European & U.S. LH drive headlight aiming. Scroll down to the "Horizontal Aiming" section in particular, for a good illustration of what the European pattern should look like:

I would think if you parked your UK Eos at the prescribed distance in front of a garage door or wall, you could tape over your headlights to block off any portion of the pattern that doesn't match the European ECE pattern. Worth a try if you can't find a ready-made, specific template to cover your car's headlights. This illustration is for the low beams. Not sure how the high beam pattern differs, but that isn't quite as important since you shouldn't have them on when there's opposing traffic, right?

Hope this helps. Not that it matters, but I stumbled on to this site while looking for aiming tips for my CRX. I swapped in superior European H4 headlight assemblies for the dim U.S. 9004 ones.
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