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Hello from London!

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Been scouting around the site for a while after getting my beautiful deep black EOS 2.0 TDI a couple of weeks ago. Got it on lease and couldn't bear to wait for one on order so when I was offered a brand new 2008 model within 10 days I grabbed it with both hands and love it! If I'm not driving it I'm gawping at it out of the kitchen window!

As I took it from stock I couldn't specify any options; it only came with windbreak (would have gone for lux pack, folding mirrors are great in London) but have since had it fitted with an io-play. Can thoroughly recommend it; basically a good bluetooth handsfree kit but also comes with a module to plug into your ipod so you can stream it through the speakers - no ugly wires and great sound quality for those of you that don't have ipod connectivity. Fitted by halfords without too much bother but they did have to order an extra cable for the RCD 300 which took a couple of days. Also got a Autoglym lifeshine kit off ebay (mixed reviews I know!!) and treated it myself.

Anyway, pleased to be part of the group - value all of the advice here. No problems with the roof leaking so far but got some krytox from the company recommended here. The guy was really helpful and sent a great link about how to treat the seals, etc. Let me know if anyone would like it.

Never have I looked at the weather report so much and the only car I've ever washed and waxed myself!

Happy motoring, lets all pray for some more english summer.


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Few nice days of sun at last comming up!!!!yipee:D
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