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hello from murrieta

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hello to all, i have just moved into murrieta, ca and i am looking for a new Eos and i have a question about the dealers. if they do not carry what you want in stock can you still go to them and see if they will order for you what you want? For example i would like to go to as it is quite close to me but they only have the Eos in automatic transmission and i would like a manual. sorry if this is an ignorant question but i don't know how dealers work here. should i visit them and ask if they will order a manual Eos for me?

thanks for your time.
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The answer to your question is yes you can get a manual trans in the Eos in the U.S. You can only get it with the Komfort model. The other model is Lux and only comes with DSG. If your dealer can't find you one you'll have to order soon before the 2010 model starts production. There is no word yet on 2010 options for U.S.
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