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Hello, I've just joined the forum, Eos on order...

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Ive just ordered my Eos and was told it would be 12 weeks but I'm assuming that is just a guideline. Are there and horror stories about delayed delivery dates, and indeed has anyone been pleasently surprised and got theirs early?

Anyway Im getting this car through my company and have £26k to spend. Ive opted for the 2.0 FSI sport with goodies rather than turbo without goodies. Not too fussed about performance anyway as (in my opinion) this is simply not a drivers car. 200bhp sounds like alot but this is a heavy car and after test driving the turbo, came to the conclusion that my 9 year old Fiat Coupe 20v turbo pisses all over it. So with this in mind I thought i'd spec it up as more of a conservative luxury cruiser which just happens to be a convertible when the suns out.

After looking at some of the pictures here ive gone for black with cream leather just like the guy from Holland, NICE!!

Just wish they did DSG in non turbo. It weird because normally sport models are always manual and auto aimed at lux spec for just wallowing around at a relaxed pace, eh well.

Gone for all extra's except cruise (pointless on our motorways) lec seats (pointless without multiple driver memory) and satnav (expensive an simply a bragging feature in the pub. A £150 tom tom does the job better and you can put speed cams on)

Anyway all the other stuff looks reall good and I just love the quality of the cabin compared to my current Vauxhall Astra Convertible.

12 weeks is a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to get involved with other owners now anyway.
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Driver's car?

As a 2.0 T-FSI owner I don't agree it's not a driver's car of course!

It may not be quite the drive a Golf GTI is but it's a whole lot better than any of the other CCs on the market and is really quite good on the twisty bits. It needs that 200 bhp to row it along at a respectable rate though in my opinion...

About £26K is what I paid for the Turbo with a few of the important extras like leather and Xenon lights.

If they say 12 weeks delivery I reckon that's what it will take - no more, no less!

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