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HELP!!!How to watch TV on RNS 510??

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Hi guys
I just bought the RNS 510 navigation system and I noticed that I cannot watch TV. I was searching the net and found that I will need a TV-tuner. Is this the true?Where can I purchase it?
And one more question.When I am watching a DVD movie, the picture stops when I am driving.Is there a tool to remove this security issue?
Please guys,help me!!!
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I don't understand why do you think its a joke:eek:
There are 3 passenger seats in the car and 1 driving seat.Is it forbiden for the passengers to watch TV or DVD while I'm driving??

This is the in motion unit for watching DVD without security lock.

But my question is about the TV tuner-so please anyone who KNOWS,help;)
If you absolutely promise to wear blinkers when you are driving, and put a cowl around the screen so you can't see it anyway, you could try looking for an earth wire attached to the hand brake, and earthing it somewhere else.:confused:

I can't speak for the RNS 510, but my AVC9000 works that way.:cool:
I don't watch mine when I drive, but I have a number of music DVD's that I am quite partial to listening to.

If I play one of the these I put the screen on GPS to mimimise the visual distraction, and to make it legal if Mr Plod passes me.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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