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Help! The Key Is Locked In The Boot!!!

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Hi all. Sorry not been around lately, been working very hard!
Got a major problem though, can anyone help?

I am away from home, with only one key fob and yes you guessed it, its got locked in the boot! We have had green flag out to the car and they cant get into it (very reassuring under different circumstances!)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Trish
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Hi Tishy. Sorry to see about your dilemma.

Personally I would get the train home to get the spare key.

Must be a better bet than breaking a window.

Depends where you are, of course, but I'm assuming you are somewhere in the British Isles!

Oh. Just read the time of your post so my suggestion is a bit of waste of time! Sorry!

Worried now! It's not possible to lock keys in the my Passat - a very good reason I have one! So how easy IS it to lock the keys in the Eos - I need to know before I pick it up because there is a good chance I would do just that (I spend a lot of my day in La-La Land according to my family!)
It's VERY easy to do (not that I've done it!) when say you've been in the supermarket and you only unlock the boot to drop your shopping in but leaving the car locked as you still have to return the trolley to the trolley-park. If you put your keys down in the boot whilst you put the bags in the boot then without thinking drop the boot-lid - oh oh - how do I get back in ?!!

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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