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Help with MF Steering Wheel

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I have been following this forum for a while now. I ordered a Ford focus CC3 in Fed 07 but got let down with the delivery date so much that I cancel the order in August. I have just ordered a VW EOS 2.0 TDI Sport, Deep peal black Cornsilk beige leather with 12 way electric seats Westwoods, 2 zone climate control, winter pack, luxury pack bi Xenons and Wind deflector. Can’t wait to get it. Delivery March 08.
Has anybody changed the radio system in their ESO I am considering a Kenwood DNX 7200 or an Pioneer AVIC-D3. I have not ordered a MF steering wheel because I do not know if it would be compatible. These units have full DVD screen, sat nav, full ipod connection and come with Bluetooth for your mobile. So would the MF Steering wheel be able to function with either of these units.
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M8, that package is identical to mine, except you went for the elec seats. I was gonf to get them but couldn't justify the cost without having multi user memory and as we have just had a baby, it would take too long to operate.

Anyway, its normally the manfacturer of the stereo that would make some kind of electronic gizmo for use with original controls. Before you buy the unit find out.

Isnt it too late now anyway, you havent ordered the steering wheel?
EOS Radio

Changing the VW stereo is like the old "it is not nice to tamper with Mother Nature". The VW stereo electronics are much more than a stereo and are in fact are part of the internal electronic communications system for the OBD. Keep in mind you are buying a car and not a mobile stereo.
Changing the stereo

No problem replacing the EOS stereo with something much better - did this within a couple of days of receiving mine. VW in their infinate wisdom do not do a DAB version, so it was out with the RCD300 for something much better.
VW make a stereo facia specifically to mount a single DIN unit that also has a cubby hole underneath (though haven't been able to find the P/No for the rubber mat to go with it). The facia was about £ 17 inc VAT and is much better quality than others on the market. It is, however, slightly angled for LHD cars (to point stereo at driver) - only a couple degrees tilt so not that annoying.
Also opted for the MFSW, which wanted for the phone button only and did not to get used to using with the stereo so don't miss it. Will be looking at the MFSW / CAN bus in some detail for a phone project.
It is not possible to easily (or at all) retrofit the MFSW, so better to add even if not going to be used.
At least your order is for the Sport, which will have 8 speakers as standard, though the mid range response from the fitted speakers is poor - am looking at replacing with someting more suitable.
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Thanks everybody for replying, this forum is fab. I have contact my dealer to add mf steering wheel to my car he says it will delay the car by about 2 – 3 weeks but what the hec. So the next question is has anybody changed the stereo system?
What too?
What dose it do better?
And do you have any picture?
Oh and should I start this as a new thread?

VW EOS 2.0 TDI Sport, Deep peal black Cornsilk beige leather with 12 way electric seats Westwoods, 2 zone climate control, winter pack, luxury pack bi Xenons and Wind deflector (hopefully mf steering wheel)
Expected delvery date March 08
Yes, have replaced the stereo in mine.
Changed it for a Grundig DAB unit, as don't care about AM and really don't listen to FM much. Had also fitted a DAB unit to last car so couldn't do without. Will post a picture when get a moment. Also added a CAN bus interface to make the unit stay on when not in "run" position.
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