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Every road on google leads me to here,regarding knowledgable information on the eos,so i joined.


Roof will not close,system error message,having read the treads here and before the dreaded vw booking,thought i asked here.

The only issue i see is : the two flats on the left and right side of the car are open,whilst the tailgate is shut,upon inpection,peering into the right flap i can see that a cable with a circular plasic head needs to connect to the metal pole.

I have tried pulling the cable however the tension is to high

my question: how can I loosen the cable enough to clip onto the metal pole,and then retighten?

I,m hoping that with this cable clipped in the right place,I will then see if the system error self corrects itself.

Hopfully saving a head scratching garage bill.

Bottle of wisky if you can help overcome this issue

Thanks in advance

Car currently in ireland with no garage in a very remote area,so with the current rain, dam i could do with some help

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