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Hello everyone,

I've stumbled across this forum a few times when searching for things about my EOS and today I am in desperate need of some help!! :(

This morning I tried to start the car as normal and it wouldn't start, I got the impression from the way it was trying to start was that the battery was dead. So, using some jump leads I tried to jump start the EOS from another car, but to no avail. The same thing continued everytime I turned the key.

I have absolutely no idea what it could be?!

It's an Automatic 2ltr TDI 2007 model if that helps?

All answers would be highly appreciated.


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Hi Matthew,

A smidgeon of information will go a long way in possibly finding a solution to your problem........

1. Do you have access to a multimeter and can you test the battery voltage? If so, measure the battery voltage with everything turned off then measure the voltage with the headlights turned on. Advise these voltages.

2. When you put the keys in the ignition and turn to the ON position, do all the usual warning lights come on?

3. With the warning lights on and without trying to start the engine, do the warning lights go dim if you turn the headlights on?

4. If the warning lights do not come on, turn the ignition off and connect a known good battery to the existing battery with jumper leads using the documented procedure in the owners' manual. Do the warning lights come on if you turn the ignition key to the ON position [do not try to start the engine]?

5. If the warning lights come on after connecting the good battery and without trying to start the engine, do the warning lights go dim if you turn the headlights on?

Please post these answers before proceeding further as these may indicate the cause of your problem leading to what corrective action is required.

BTW, do you belong to the AA? If so, have you contacted their breakdown service for help? If not, why not join?
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