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Vw Eos 2.0fsi -06 Silver & Vw Passat 2.0Tdi -17
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Hi, I'm new 2.0fsi 2006 Eos owner :cool:

This forum has been very informative to fix my Eos. To beginning i bought it with several issues.

Today i fixed last roof problem which was pull down motor. I had static code 02805 from "Open lid" and sensor G563. Thanks to Voxmagna's superior fault finding guide i managed to isolate it to pull down motor and (SSP 379/many of club posts) helped find cylinder which was only half way done. Of course hydraulic motor unit sponge was all wet. Sponge off now. I threated all oxidized module pins and connectors that i find in trunk with contact spay and silicone grease, used WD-40 to all mechanic parts. Cylinder started working. Used spare pull down motor part came today but it was rusted to death. My motor unit was clean but it wont come up so i soldered my electric motor to spare's board and now it works. First rain show the truth although i had threated all the necessary seals with krytox , a-pilar and side member leaked lot's of water. Drain pipes was problem this time so i sealed it with silicone as suggested here and no more leaks.

I'm left with these problems which i haven't even looked yet.
00470 single wire (image underneath any suggestion?)
P1403 EGR
00229 Low pressure AC
Thermostat is maybe open all the time because my temp wont go over 60c when driving

Car is nice to drive as all VW i driven. Waiting summer as we all who have Eos and four seasons ;)

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