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Hi some pics and a help plea

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Hi my 2008 2.0tdi still a few jobs left to get her sparkling, biggest is getting rear window down so I can open roof,any suggestions how to lower window I've looked thru forum but still can't find out how to so stuck in catch 22, any help gratefully accepted
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If you are after the centre caps for your Alloys.

Alloy Centre Caps
Thanks ive got some just not fitted yet as ive had wheels refurbished:):)
Not really sure what the question is or whether the OP is referring to the small rear side windows? EOS's should have a driver manual in the top tray of the glove box.
Hi, the problem is i cannot lower rear drivers side window from switches or using the key in lock method, i'm assuming the motor/controller isn't working ,i have read a lot of your posts about opening roof and repairing/removing rear motor/controllers but as you state you could move window up and down,i'm stuck as to how to get window down, i also tried disconnecting the battery and short out across cables, so as you can see i'm stuck don't want to smash window either, so any help/tips gratefully accepted
1 - 3 of 7 Posts