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hmmmm...a leaking idea maybe?

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Hi Peepes, just had a small idea..obviously as we all know there is major concern wether these water leak issues are anything to worry about for potential future EOS owners and what i am finding is that in threads regarding them ,you seem to attract more "Negative" replies from owners of leaky cars than positive replies. but if you look how many members there are it all puts it into perspective! ..............What if....the moderator was to have a simple "poll"?............"Has your Eos ever had a water leak"? YES...or ....NO.
with just a simple number under the "yes or no" at least then you would get a fair ratio and persentage rather than "just the 3 angry owners saying it leaks like a sieve" maybe you could have another.."If you had a leak did Krytox fix it?" YES or NO...?....what do you think?
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Well, I'm only a newbie to the EOS scene, but I've had mine now 3 weeks and it doesn't have any leaks at all. I don't use a garage or car cover and it has rained hard where I am - in fact, its raining right now.

I'm really happy with the car so far.
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