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Hopefully buying 2006 2.0 tfsi Eos tomorrow...

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Hi all,

I am seriously considering an Eos I have found. Its from a VW dealer - Silver Registered July 2006, 2.0 tfsi, 17" westwoods, black leather, manual, multifunction sterring wheel, 36k on the clock and one owner for 13,995.

I am a little concerned as I hear on the forum and some other sites that in the cars 1st year it suffered from leaks and other issues.
Are there any checks/tests I can do. What should I be looking out for?

I am going to take a look at it tomrrow and if all is well, put a deposit down.

There is also one (also VW dealer) that is April 2007 2.0 tfsi, Silver cloth interior, 17" alloys, DSG, auto, 11k on the clock, £13,998

Which one would you guys sway towards?

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Thanks for ur replys! I agree about the leather. It would be nice if it has the upgraded stereo on it though, what is the sound quality like as standard?

I test drove a tdi which was was ok, but it felt a little short of power as I am used to my Octavia vrs tdi which has 170bhp. But hey it certainly dont look as nice and you cant beat the roof down action!

I do approx 2000 miles a month so the diesel isnt ruled out completely for me. I could always get a remap to bring it up to 170bhp maybe?? :confused:

I have just seen a tdi come onto the vw site for 13.5k on 56 plate with 40k on the clock, but no leather and only option is multifunction steering wheel and 17"s. If they can knock 500 quid off then I think I might be swayed. What are your thoughts? :D
My thoughts is that you should get one regardless of spec! :D ;)
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