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Hopefully buying 2006 2.0 tfsi Eos tomorrow...

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Hi all,

I am seriously considering an Eos I have found. Its from a VW dealer - Silver Registered July 2006, 2.0 tfsi, 17" westwoods, black leather, manual, multifunction sterring wheel, 36k on the clock and one owner for 13,995.

I am a little concerned as I hear on the forum and some other sites that in the cars 1st year it suffered from leaks and other issues.
Are there any checks/tests I can do. What should I be looking out for?

I am going to take a look at it tomrrow and if all is well, put a deposit down.

There is also one (also VW dealer) that is April 2007 2.0 tfsi, Silver cloth interior, 17" alloys, DSG, auto, 11k on the clock, £13,998

Which one would you guys sway towards?

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You will see from my signature at the bottom that I have one very similar to the one you're looking at buying, but with red instead of black leather.

I agree that the leather option is crucial for what is (almost) the top of the range model.

My car was one of the first Customer cars registered (I got it on launch day, 14th July 2006) and if it eases your mind I have had NO leaks!

All 4 Westwoods had to be replaced under warranty last year due to corrosion from within and I would have thought they'd have sorted the issue out by now as it's happened to others too; but I'm surprised that my new Westwoods are starting to corrode as well!

All in all I'm delighted with the car and really can't think of anything I'd rather have (that I could afford anyway!). Personally I would always choose the manual over any sort of full or semi auto, but that is just a matter of choice.

Thanks for ur replys! I agree about the leather. It would be nice if it has the upgraded stereo on it though, what is the sound quality like as standard?

I test drove a tdi which was was ok, but it felt a little short of power as I am used to my Octavia vrs tdi which has 170bhp. But hey it certainly dont look as nice and you cant beat the roof down action!

I do approx 2000 miles a month so the diesel isnt ruled out completely for me. I could always get a remap to bring it up to 170bhp maybe?? :confused:

I have just seen a tdi come onto the vw site for 13.5k on 56 plate with 40k on the clock, but no leather and only option is multifunction steering wheel and 17"s. If they can knock 500 quid off then I think I might be swayed. What are your thoughts? :D

Must say I'm a bit surprised that someone who was looking at a 2.0 Turbo petrol is now looking at a diesel!
It's a bit like going out for some cheese and coming home with chalk instead...

I think I have the standard sound (which on the Sport is a slight upgrade from the lowest spec) and find it absolutely fine. Frankly I think hi-fi in cars is a bit of a waste as you're in a moving tin-box anyway so the fine points of hi-fi are most probably lost in the general engine/road/wind noise.. Hence I've never ever gone for anything fancy and have always been happy (and I'm a music lover!)

Loving your chalk and cheese analogy. Haha! ;) I see what you mean though. It's just I do 2k miles a month and the tdi would save me approx £50 a month based on the mpg figures I have seen.

Regardless! I am going to look at the 2.0tfsi with leather tomorrow my heart is taking me in that direction and it's only had one owner.. I think I will leave the Tdi in Medway, 3 owners on a 3 year old car just makes me worried.

I'm sure once I feel that turbo and the heated leather my mind will me made up. It's at a vw garage in Nottingham if anyone knows it.
You've obviously had an attack of good sense!

I don't understand this obsession with leather. Its cold and sticky to sit on, its slippery when hot and soaks up the heat when the sun shines and burns your backside. Its also requires more looking after to keep it supple, and to add insult to injury it costs an extra £1500 when new.

Its a kind of logic of 'ooh its an expensive car it must have leather', go for cloth any day, who wants to sit on a dead cow, but perhaps I'm biased:)

I'd go for the 2007 2.0T, fabulous engine with great acceleration and exhaust note. If you do a big mileage then you may want to consider the more economic diesel, not as fast or as quite but full of gutsy torque.
Cheers, David
That's what I always understood before I ever had a car with leather upholstery, but now after having 3 in a row with it I wouldn't want anything else. It really isn't cold and sticky or hot and sweaty. Nor is it slippery. It's a natural fibre and changes to suit your own body as such. It breathes, cools and warms!

They say up-market cars need it from a resale point of view. A dealer would knock thousands off say a Mercedes being traded in without leather because it's just expected by buyers.

Only thing I really miss is cruise control!

I didn't order mine with cruise control but I missed it so had it retro-fitted. It cost only about £150 and you can't tell it wasn't a factory-fit (they replace the left hand stalk with the correct one and the little green light in the dash lights up when it's on).

Why don't you do that? It's one of the best £150 I've ever spent!

Retro-fit Cruise Control

Just dug out my invoice for having CC retro-fitted.

I was charged £43.40 for the parts and £90.00 for the labour, plus VAT equals £156.75 in total.

Might have to give up on CC ! Just phoned Citygate in Wycombe and they say 268 !! There seems to be umpteen different prices !! and none of them reflect the website !

There is actually a VW-produced leaflet I picked up from a rack at my Dealer, of official Eos accessories. Included was the CC at £150. Ask for one!

Stoddy1980 and neild41:

If you let me have your email addresses I can send you a copy of the VW leaflet with the Cruise Control in it that you can open with Adobe. I tried PM'ing you but it won't let me attach the image...

You can PM me with your addresses assuming you don't want them in the general blogs.

hopefully I have pm'd you !
Sorry but there aren't any pms in my box from anyone!
Please try again!

hopefully I have pm'd you !

Sorry but there aren't any new pms in my inbox on this site at all!
Please try again!

Gary, you almost got me spending there! I should open a thread asking people how often they use their cruise control in the UK. Up and down the M4 and M40 is tough to leave it on for more than 5 mins!
More often than you might think.

I drove back up to Yorkshire from Kent on the M11 and A1 in the early evening a couple of months ago and had it on CC probably 90 pct of the time. As I said before: best £150 I ever spent!

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