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How Do You Wash Yours?

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Hi All

Just wanted to know how other Eos members wash their car and what products they use and what shouldn't be used?

Thanks For Your Help
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I have had my car a month and not washed it yet, i have the auto pack and plan on using this but my thinking is that with the road salt and the bad weather leaving the car unwashed is probably a good idea for the moment.

I plan on go over after christmas with a couple of buckets of water and a sponge and giving it a go :)
its -4 degrees here so i aint going out with a sponge and a bucket of water for no one :)
feeling guilty

.... providing i can get out of bed before 1pm ( on holiday ) and the weathers ok i plan on going to the allotment tomorrow, if i can get that done and back while its still light i might get in an clean the car :) Although i am driving to Birmingham Saturday and southend sunday so the car will probably need washing again after that so might wait :)
i have not idea what time were going to be there so if its still daylight i can give you call and we can meet up :)

PM me your mobile and we can arrage something sunday when i know more!

Be warned i will not have washed it :mad:
I have scheduled some time tuesday to do it properly I dont want to do a half ass job.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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