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How Do You Wash Yours?

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Hi All

Just wanted to know how other Eos members wash their car and what products they use and what shouldn't be used?

Thanks For Your Help
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Even though mine has been AutoGlym'd im not really that impressed with it so do it the hard way.

If it is really dirty I start off by using a clay bar and give the car a really good clay, then a good wash using Meguiars NXT. A nice mitt and two buckets, one with a filter so all the nasties are not transferred back to the mitt.

A good dry with a microfibre cloth and im ready for the wheels.

A blast on full power with the jet wash followed by Meguiars wheel cleaner, dried with old tea towels, coat of Meguiars or Poorboys wheel polish, a coat of Meguiars wheel wax then I seal them with Poorboys sealer. The wheels take about an hour and a half but if done properly no brake dust gathers at all on the wheels for 3 months and it is just a case of a quick hose off.

To finish with the body I wax and seal it again with Poorboys product. Glass cleaned inside and out with Autoglym glass polish and a trusty piece of newspaper.

I hoover the inside, interior has been autoglym'd too and that is much better. So just a quick wipe over with an ever so slightly damp cloth.

All in all takes a good 5 hours to do properly, I just find it soo relaxing, radio on, nice supply of drinks, wonderful.

If anyone is ever interested there is an amazing forum

It is a forum dedicated on cleaning(detailing) cars and has so much stuff on it, its untrue.

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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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