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How good are the alarm systems??

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Hi I've ordered a 08 eos 2.0 tdi sport I was just wondering how good the alarm system was in them and do any of you have a tracker? are they worth bothering with or is it quite hard to break into them?

You might be thinking im some sort of lunatic i promise im not my OH lives in manchester (enough said) and the kids round his area decided to nick the blue dust caps off my little hyundai amica so really i dont want them touching my new car unless they have a serious death wish!!!!

all advice welcome

many thanks

Stephb xx:)
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As far as I know my alarm hasn't been tested properly but if I leave my 10 year old daughter in the car and it locks itself she doesn't have to move much before setting it off!! Have to leave her with the key now so she can unlock it again.

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