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Husband dents EOS

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I have had my silver, rednappa leather, 2.0 turbo since September and just love it. I have cherished it, even washed it on occasions and have been ultra careful to park it where it will not get any dents. Every day I use it I check for any un toward marks. Yesterday when I went to use it there was a dent in my boot. I thought this was rather strang as I hadn't noticed it the previous day and my car had not been out of the garage all weekend. I eventually plucked up enough courage to tell my fastidious husband what had happened only to find that he had not parked it far enough in the garage and the automatic garage door had gone down on it. This is a man that never does anything wrong, and always has a go at me for any dents that I put in.
I just wonder when he was going to tell me!!! Anyway now my lovely Eos is scarred for life, but not as scarred as the husband!!!
Met silver, rednappa leather, 2.0 turbo, auto.......
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Hi Denise, is hubby redeemed and forgiven yet! LOL.
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