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I can't get in my EOS! Help

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Hi everyone,

Took my car into the dealers today to sort out a damp floor which is causing lots of condensation problems for me.
But I have some other issues now.

I keep my car on the drive (I do have a garage but its full of my husands junk) and the weather has been freezing the last 2 nights.
I have had problems getting in my car. The windows have frozen up and will not drop to open the doors. I have had to pour warm water on them to open and then the drivers window would not go back up when I tried to lock up later. The amount of frozen condensation on the inside this morning was really bad. Had to scrape the inside as well as out.

I'm getting quiet worried now as I sometimes have to work till 9pm and there is no sheltered parking. I could be standed at work, unable to get in my car and go home (god forbid).

The whole point of me having an EOS was to have an all year round car that converts to soft top in the summer.
Are you supposed to wrap them up in cotton wool for the winter or what?

The guy at VW said he will put some "special oil" around the seals to stop it freezing there but said "it might be best to carry a small can of de-icer in my hand bag to spay on the bottom of the window and hope I can get in"!!!

Are others having or had this kind of problem?
Dealer said I'm the first to mention it.
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Thanks for all your help.

Not got my car back from the dealers yet but a top cover is going to be the only way that I'm going to feel comfortable when out late in the winter months and less hassel in a morning. Will get one asap.
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