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Hi everyone

:D YIPPPPEEEEEE:D I got my Eos as planned on Saturday and haven't been at home since as I have been out and about cruising and getting familiar with it.

I really love it so far and can feel a rush of excitement everytime I step into the car. I have never felt this way about a car before - I absolutely and positively love it!

I wish I could keep it as clean as when garage handed it over - it took my breathe away. What do you guys use to polish your cars?

I now know why everyone on here is soooooo excited about driving their Eos's! We should be loud and proud of our cars!

I can't tell you how happy I am - I have had an added bonus of the sun shining this past few days so I haven't really had the roof up. This weekend is to be good too HOOORAY! I already have done 500 miles! What am I like? Anyway thought I would check and tell you all that everything went as planned and that I am tickety boo with the car!

Thanks again for the welcome! :eek:


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Hi Joy welcome to the site!!!

Im glad your happy with your eos! dont show off that you have had good weather today was really nice but other than that its been pretty naff here!

I washed mine first time and it took me 6 hours!!! so now i take it to a local polish car wash for 6 quid it gets done properly outside in 10 minutes and i just do the inside now! i did get all the auto glym stuff with my car but saving that for later on :D

I hope you have lots of fun this weekend with your eos does it have a name yet??

mine is called Snobbers :D

Steph xx

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Welcome Joy,

Was your EOS permaguarded, Autoglym treated or any other products that supposedly add lustre and prevent continual washing.

If you have one of these products then you only need to wash and go, supposedly. Mine had the Autoglym treatment but I still wash it with a very good quality wash and dry it with a microfibre towel. My wheels were treated too, but the Karcher doesnt do the job so I use a wheel cleaner too.

My only piece of advice is never use a jetwash on your car, plays havoc with the seals.Search the site for Krytox and that will fill you in.

The products I use arevby Meguiars. I use NXT wash, Hot wheels wheel clean and Hot Wheels tire dressing( makes tires shiny black and lasts for ages) and a microfibre towel( imo much better than a leather).

You spend a lot of money on your car so it's worth using a good product.

If you google car detailing you will find lots of web sites dedicated to car washing and presentation(known as car detailing)

Rob(aged 40) from Sussex hehe!!!
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