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Me and my fella went to the Lake District for a holiday and spent the 5 hour journey Eos spotting! Sad but true! I managed to note down all colours/locations/times of most - (I'm a proper geek!). Let me know if we spotted you:

16/7 -

Silver Junction 27 of the M25 8am

Black M25 Junction 28 8.30am

Midnight/Shadow Blue M11

Midnight/Shadow Blue Junction 11 A147 9.40am

Silver M1/M6 junction 10.15am

Midnight/Shadow Blue M6 Corley Services 10.20am

Midnight/Shadow Blue M6 tolls 10.25am

Black M6 tolls 10.50am

Silver M6 11am

Silver Knutsford 11.30am

Grey M6 Junction 21 11.35am

Black Preston M6 12.03pm

Silver Services 12.10pm

Midnight/Shadow Blue Bowness-on-Windermere 3pm

17/7 -

Black Windermere 12.45pm

18/7 -

Midnight/Shadow Blue Windermere 11am

Silver Bowness 3.45pm

Black Ambleside 5pm - roof down in the rain with family in car!

19/7 -

Leonie Blue A591 2.10pm

Black M6 3.20pm

Silver M6 tolls 4.20pm

Leonie Blue M6 Rugby 5pm

20/7 -

Paprika Red (at last!) M25 heading towards the Dartford tolls from Essex at 6pm.

Thought it would be interesting to see the spread of Eos' that we saw - appears to be a lot more the further out of London we came!!;)

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OMG your nuts make me look normal ... you have a note pad or use a PDA to record the details ...:D
Haha, it made the journey more fun! Also done Eddie spotting and managed to see well over 30 Eddie Stobart lorries. I'm actually embarrassed to say that I was rubbish and the bloke got most of the spots despite never playing anything like it before. I usually play Bananacar (spotting yellow vehicles) but on a journey to Durham in February that got a bit arduous after spotting over 150!! lol

I marked all my "spots" on the back of the directions that we took with us, no fancy sat nav system for us. Although I have to confess I wasn't about to take my new baby on the million mile journey, we were in a 4x4 so no waving/flashing etc from us! :cool:
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