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Having seen the lovely Eos with the ABT quad exhaust and rear spoiler, ive decided to buy it from ABT. Im going to get it debadged and lowered.

Im also going for some light tints, nothing illegal just a bit darker. I know its rather a lot to spend but I keep my cars for at least 7 years unlike the wife who changes every 2-3 years.

Im also going to get some uprated headlight bulbs as well.

No time frame as yet but hope to have it all done by middle of june.

I will post pics when its done.


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Sounds lovely Rob, looking forward to seeing those pics.
Dont make her too low so you get stuck on speed bumps! :)
Cheers, David

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I also look forward to seeing pics of your mods. I can't justify such an expense as I change cars about every 3y and would hate to loose all that investment. (PS would love to have the cash to do it though!!!)

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