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I'm off on holiday and am worried about...

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My Eos's battery being flat when I return.

True, it's only going to be stood there for 5 days but with the reports I've read on here, I think it may be a good idea to take my Jump Leads with me.

I have noticed myself, both on this EOS and my last one that when I go to start the car after a day or two of it standing still, it's not as keen to start as perhaps it should be.

I have read all the posts on this subject and have come up with another theory on why the high current when everything's off....

The TIM function on the radio records traffic announcements when the car is turned off. I just wonder if this is causing the drain as the unit needs to be partially awake to listen out for the traffic programmes.

Of course this may well be a duff theory but I'm going to make sure that the TIM function is not turned on when we leave the car at Stansted.
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I keep an emergency battery unit in the boot so that should the battery fail I have a stand by. May be a bit belt and braces but so far never had to use it for starting the car. I doubt you will have any problems when you get back. My impression from the posts is one of faulty VW Sat Nav systems and since its not on your list I doubt if you will have a problem.

Happy holidays, enjoy yourself (I know its difficult without the Eos but try anyway)

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