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I'm so glad I can join you all

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Hello all,

Thanks for letting me join.

I have been watching this site since I ordered my Eos in February. I was told it was to be delivered in July, but I got a call today to say it will be coming next Thursday. I've been sooo excited all day. I can't wait.

At the same time, I have to admit I have never had a convertible, never mind a CC, but I just fell in love with the Eos. It's been great reading your threads, as you all seem to love your cars.

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Am kinda hoping mine doesn't enjoy that much attention so i don't worry so much when it's left in some not so nice areas. My Focus ST stands out like a sore thumb, despite being in blue not the electric orange and am hoping a black Eos will look classy but not stand out so much!

By the way, looks like i was VERY lucky with the lead time - happened to snatch a car in almost exact spec i wanted that had just arrived. If Friday collection is confirmed will have been 8 days lead time!

Only thing not too happy about is reading on here that 09 model upgrades effective from late this month!
If i'm around then i may well join in Skidoo. I never attended the Focus ST meets, perhaps i'm expecting a different calibre of owner with the Eos?
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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