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I'm so glad I can join you all

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Hello all,

Thanks for letting me join.

I have been watching this site since I ordered my Eos in February. I was told it was to be delivered in July, but I got a call today to say it will be coming next Thursday. I've been sooo excited all day. I can't wait.

At the same time, I have to admit I have never had a convertible, never mind a CC, but I just fell in love with the Eos. It's been great reading your threads, as you all seem to love your cars.

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Welcome to the club (so to speak) Jaydee just enjoy being one of our elite band.
Sunscreemer I see your in the East Midlands (where abouts) as are we. Are you joining us at our first East Midlands 'meet' at Chatsworth on the 22nd June 11am onwards? (See EOS MEET 2008 thread) Bring a picnic if the weather is fine as I think the plan is to eat about 12 after walking round kicking each other's tyres etc!!!
As Sue says, Jaydee, the more the merrier. Look forward to putting faces to names. Hope the weather is kind to us all.
I have to ask you a silly question...when the roof is down (which it will be unless raining as instructed ;) ), does one have the side front windows up or down? Sorry to ask, but I'm a bit of a CC virgin!
Depends on
1. How hot it is (great breeze with windows down)
2. How cold it is (freezing breeze) and
3. Whether the wife wants her hair blown about or not (not something I have to worry about!)
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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