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Import 2007 2.0T from US

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Arranged for a 2007 Eos 2.0T to be shipped from Texas - saved about $7,800 compared to buying same in Canada including all shipping, duty, agent fees and taxes....just waiting for final clearance from RIV office and will bring home in about a week....immaculate Island Grey with Luxury package....will post photos when available....
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Another importer

Hello all:

We just got a good deal on a 2008 EOS from the US. It was a 6 month VW executive car that has a build date of 11-07 and was registered in January of this year. It only had 6900 Miles on it. We got it for $25800 and are extremely pleased. IT is a paprica red 2.0Turbo with heated seats.

Since dealers can't sell to Canadians....this was the next best thing.

I took the bus from PEI to Connecticut and drove it home from there last Tuesday (July 26). I had a fantastic drive home....I could not have been more pleased with the car!!! I had a GPS so I didn't get lost. Terrific weather...twisty hilly roads. Traffic wasn't too bad. I really enjoyed the way it handled and performed. Even in 6'th gear it had grunt!!

I did get a nasty sun-burn on one side of my face though! :D
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