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Inside roof pannel lifting

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Just having a blonde moment, i noticed yesterday that on the inside of the car door there the window and roof meet there is a gap appearing (might have always been there) but just noticed. Its in the strip that lines the inside of the door.

Its almost the same on both doors so i dont know if this gap is supposed to be there or if its developed.

Anyone got the foggiest what i am talking about??

(going to try and take some photos tomorrow).

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thanks guys just taken in to VW and there going to fix as per waranty might be cosmetic but they think its a mis alighnment as this has only happened in last couple of weeks since i have had the roof up and down a few times.

As far as i can see it the roof closes dead on ....

Will wait and see.

Although they were only able to sort me out a golf :(
Ur lucky, I had a Polo for 45 days or so!! :mad:
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