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Inside roof pannel lifting

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Just having a blonde moment, i noticed yesterday that on the inside of the car door there the window and roof meet there is a gap appearing (might have always been there) but just noticed. Its in the strip that lines the inside of the door.

Its almost the same on both doors so i dont know if this gap is supposed to be there or if its developed.

Anyone got the foggiest what i am talking about??

(going to try and take some photos tomorrow).

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When the roof closes, do the pins look like they hit the holes pretty dead on? If they do, then the inside of the seals were just fitted badly...

If it is out and the cup shape draws the pins into the holes, then an adjustment might be necessary, but to be honest, this is unlikely.

It's more likely to be a cosmetic seal problem.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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