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Installing Hid Kit

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Hey guys has anyone installed aftermarket HID on your EOS.I bought 1 but it doesn't quite fit.I need to drill the H7 slot.Is there a special adapter or do I need to drill.Doers it fit properly without vibration.PLEASE HELP
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You can get HID bulbs with the H7 base, you don't need to destroy your OEM headlight housings to do this.

Don't do this. Get Sylvania Silverstar Ultras at Advance Auto Parts or other good auto parts store. The are almost as white and bright as the HIDs and are compatible with the VW OEM headlight circuits which HIDs are not.

That said, you can do HIDs if you do the following

- get a kit with HID bulb bases with the H7 base, that way you don't have to modify your headlight housings in any way.

- be sure to not order too high a color temperature HID bulb - anything higher than 5000K and you may not be street legal. Lots of people run 6000K without any hassles too.

- get someone with a RossTech VAG-COM to turn off your DRL or change them to output full voltage - the DRL ballasts need full battery voltage to be happy and DRL mode only sends about 10 Volts to the headlight bulbs.
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