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Ipod Models compatibilty with EOS iPod Adapters

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I have a VW EOS 2.0 TDI DSG with MFD DVD Navigation System and 6x CD changer mounted in the armrest.

I want to install an iPod Adapter (which I already payed) to connect my iPod Video 60Gb, but VW-Portugal now says VW EOS iPod Adapter is not compatible with the version of the iPod I have.
According to VW-Portugal the iPod EOS Adapter only works with iPod Photo old series.......

Anyone has this configuration working?

thanks in advance
Lisbon, Portugal
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I doubt that a USB connector will help with iPods (don't know about the Shuffle) as I believe that USB connected MP3 players would require a standard folder structure of MP3 files (ie folder/sub-folder/MP3-file). Standard iPods do not conform to this structure, which is one of the reasons you require iTunes to load music.

According to the EOS manual, the aux-in connector (the 3/8" socket that you would use to connect most MP3 players to the EOS's radio) is now situated in the storage bin between the seats. However, this is not installed in Australian models (but there is a blank in the storage bin).
I would have liked to have used that connector, plus the 12V socket at the back of the bin, to connect and charge any MP3 player.

If anyone in other parts of the world knows of the wiring to the aux-in connector in the centre storage bin, or the previous models' option of the glovebox connector, I, and I am sure Davey and others, would be grateful if you could share that information.

Finally, if you have the RCD500 radio with MP3 compatability fitted, you could burn and load 6 CDs of MP3s.
This would give you 4GB of music (more than a Shuffle) with the added benefit of displaying track, album and artist names on the radio, something VWs' iPod option does not give you.
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iPod adaptor (non-VW)


This will not really help you much but I have just installed a non-VW iPod adaptor in my EOS.
The main reason I did not go for the VW option was that it locked the iPod controls, and since I wanted an iPod Touch with its' great new interface, I decided to try a different adaptor.
I ordered a Neo adaptor last week, it arrived yesterday, and I installed it last night with few hassles.

Tried both the 16GB Touch and an older 2GB Mini and both worked fine.
It also uses playlists but not in the same way as the VW one does.
You can have any number of playlists and it uses the 6 CD buttons in addition to the track up/down buttons to control different aspects of the iPod (eg when you select CD1 the up/down buttons change tracks, with CD2 you change playlists, CD3 changes albums within the playlist).

The adaptor also has a standard 3.5mm socket that allows you to connect any external audio source, like your iPod Shuffle, and listen to it through the radio. Unfortunately you will not be able to control that source with the radio or steering wheel controls (apart from volume) as that is impossible with any aux-in connected audio source.
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