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iPod usage with MIX button on cd player...

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Hey guys, to those who have the factory armrest iPod adaptor. I have no playlists on my iPod so only cd 6 is available which is fine. Now if shuffle for songs is selected on the iPod then each time I FF it will randomly play the next song which is what I want. However the shuffle setting on the iPod seems to get put back to off when igntion turned off and back on again.

So if you press mix on the cd player this has the same effect but this also switches back off when you turn off the ignition.

Ok so this sounds a bit much but I've spend a lot of dough on options (dsg, auto lights, autowipe etc) so I have to think about as little as possible when i get in the car. Haveing to reach over and press MIX everytime I get in is really stessing me out (no its not really, but you get what I mean). Anyone else overcome this?
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i have to say, i love the eos. but this ipod dock, esp for the $$, is the biggest let down in the whole car. it doesnt show id3 tags on the HU, you can't skip between artists, it has quirky usability issues like discussed in this thread. all i have to say is "vw, what up?!"
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