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still playing the Eos waiting game,with questions cropping up in my head about the car all the time, the latest one is concerning the ipod port. does the port adapt to all ipods or just a certain model? I ask as I have an older ipod that is quite a bit larger than the more recent ones, also I will have a couple of teenagers with me quite often and they both have more up to date ipods than myself.
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Hi Denny,

The iPod with the Dynaudio sounds awesome. Volume can be painfull on the ears if you pump it up. No distortion though.

Only let down is that the ID Tags from the mp3's are not displayed. If you have lots of tracks on your iPod, you need a bloody good memory to know where to find the tracks your looking for.

Oh, and a hint. Try running on Super Unleaded now and again and you'll see a difference in performance. I use it all the time now. To hell with the cost. If I wanted economy, I'd of bought the TDI.
Yeah I got mine working and it sounds great, especially with the Dynaudio kit.

Agreed not having the track listing is a real pain, the other issue I have (and it could be related to the fact that I'm using a three-four year old iPod with a knackered battery) is that when I go back to the car the stereo remembers which song I was last playing but not which playlist it was in - instead it always defaults to the same song in playlist 6 (i.e. all songs on the iPod.)

Does everyone else get this or is it my rubbish 3rd gen iPod???
That is standard functionality (if you can call it that), it always defaults to playlist 6 when you have switched off the ignition.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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