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It will be here soon......

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Hi everybody,
i have spent evenings reading all about people and cars...EOS and I have learned a lot, surfing through many countries, specially how this car is making people very happy.

My du the first week of June in Montreal, Canada where I live. I just can't wait...

I was able to track it's course from Portugal on the Amity Ace ship that docked in Halifax a few days ago but since then I have no way of finding how it is transported.

Is there a way with the serial number that I can follow it's trail.
Michel....beautifull blue EOS
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Sorry cant help with your tracking problem, but welcome to to the club. The anticipation of delivery is all part of the Eos experience:- enjoy.
Incidently, can your dealer not assist with your problem, I would think they have a tracking system of sorts.

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