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It's getting Closer!!

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:D Heard from my dealer yesterday - my car is now in Germany! So should be with them end of next week and then the countdown begins. I am just SO excited now! :D

EOS 2.0 TDI Sport, Leonie Blue, Westwoods, Beige Leather interior, Luxury pack
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Ha! We could go for a cruise in convoy! :cool:
:D :D Car is at my dealers! Just the pre-delivery checks and number plates to do now. Will have her next week! This is just so exciting! :D :D
Who cares! Put the roof down regardless! :cool: Have fun - don't forget to put some pictures on here :D
Picked her up this morning! Beautiful she is! Will post some pictures on here later, but off for a drive now. :D
Yes indeed - fully intend to make the most of the sunshine! - have posted a picture in photos, will add more when can
Couldn't agree more! Was out most of the day yesterday in the car - all I can say is WOW - well worth the wait.

Problem is I keep looking out the window and thinking "now where can I go?" :) Not that I need an excuse of course! :D
1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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