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Just had a bump :(

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Luckily I am ok, as is the car, just a couple of minor scratches on the rear driver side bumper and light panel.
His car is a different matter - a bmw x/z 3, with a tea plate dent in the driver door and a scratch on the wing mirror.

Seeing I was reversing, 1) my sensors weren't beeping, 2) he cant have been looking either 3) I wouldn't want his car in a motorway accident!

Right, so couple of questions,
1) contest this via insurance - or his garage say 400 quid
2) why didn't my parking sensors work? they usually start if someone walks anywhere near it, let alone a car!

To top it off, its my birthday!! arrrrggh
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Sorry to hear about your bump. My Leonie Blue 2.0 TDI Sport was parked at a friend's house a few weeks ago and his wife reversed a RAV 4 into the passenger door. Last week some idiot reversed into my drives front wing outside my house and did not stop. One new door later(£900.00 compliments of my friend's insurance.) and £250.00 to fix the wing. ( My own pocket.) Looks like new again. Still feels violated though.
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