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Just had a bump :(

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Luckily I am ok, as is the car, just a couple of minor scratches on the rear driver side bumper and light panel.
His car is a different matter - a bmw x/z 3, with a tea plate dent in the driver door and a scratch on the wing mirror.

Seeing I was reversing, 1) my sensors weren't beeping, 2) he cant have been looking either 3) I wouldn't want his car in a motorway accident!

Right, so couple of questions,
1) contest this via insurance - or his garage say 400 quid
2) why didn't my parking sensors work? they usually start if someone walks anywhere near it, let alone a car!

To top it off, its my birthday!! arrrrggh
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OH NO!!!!!! Thats terrible any day let alone your birthday!!!!
Hummm sounds very dodgie to me... insurance sounds like the way to go!!!

If you were both going q bit "quick" perhaps you hit before the sensors could beep?! Or in the moment... did not hear them? As you said, prob best to get the garage to check... dont want to risk them not working when you next put the roof down!!
...but the only positive to come from this (grab hold of the small things) is that the EOS came off better than the BMW!!!

Happy Birthday Anna - have a drink tonight and try to forget about it all till the morning!
Anna, I am thinking you have a little evil bit in you... GOOD ON YA! BMW drivers are nearly always pigs!
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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