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Just had to show it to someone...

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It just got my new navigation/audio system from VW installed this evening, and I just had to show it to someone who I think would appreciate the photos..

It is the new RSN-510 with touch screen, integrated Harddisk, SD-card reader, radio and a lot of other things. One of the biggeste improvements is the 3D-viewing during navigation. Unfortunantly I haven't seen it my self as the software has been delayed :(

I'll try to get some better photos this weekend

/Harin - who just loves his new toy...


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shorenuf - I'm sorry to say this, but the new NAVsystem has just been released for the Touran here in Europe, and the Tiguan is the next in line (When it comes out). The Eos has yet to get it. And it is only sold OEM, not for after market. At least here in Europe. But somehow some have found their way on to EBay and other markets. That is how I got mine for the EOS.

Actually my salesman told me that the have yet to see it for them selfs and that it was not for sale yet, and wouldn't be for a long time - he he - I proved him wrong...
Some images

Here is how the navigation looks:

This is the way to type in the address, just press the screen:

Then you can get a 2D-view of the route - not very interesting, where as the 3D is more innovative in terms of VW:

This is the same route as above, just from another angle.

You can split the screen as well and get all kinds of info in the split screen - here is the compas. Unfortunantly you can't get the current speed shown on screen.
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More photos

You can get typographic view as well:

The thing that impresses me the most is the speed that it calculates the route. The first time you put in the navigation DVD, it makes a copy of it onto the hard disk, and from then on, you don't need the DVD any more. Everything is calculated from the harddisk. Actually I don't use the disk drive any more. All my music has been copied onto the hard disk (plenty of room), and you can listen to the music while navigating without a cd-changer.

On top of that, I can copy you music from CDs/SD-cards onto the harddisk on the spot while still playing music and navigate.

I'm am so impressed with this navigation system - it is worth the extra compared to the current on VW sells....:D
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Where and how much

I bought mine in Denmark, but I've found some on the German Ebay:

But this only goes the european members, as I don't think there is maps available for other parts of the world just yet :-(
I'm truely sorry..

that really bites... at least I don't have an excuse to drop $3K

Keep an eye out on eBay - things tend to end up on the site quicker than in the stores....:rolleyes:
I just found out last week that the RSN-510 has software build in for reversing camera, and I'm trying to find out if I can have the camera installed and if it will work ;)

And about bluetooth og TV-tuning, both are extras. You can watch a DVD until you reach about 5-10 km/h, then the screen turns black, but you can still hear the audio. I think it will be the same with the TV-tuner, but lots of people offer ways to remove this security feature...

I've asked some dealers here in Denmark, all saying that it is impossible to get the bluetooth to work if the car is not prepared from the factory - but a friend of mine has gotten it to work in a VW Golf, and pretty soon we'll try to make it work in Eos - I'll keep you posted on this process.
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