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Leather interior maintenance

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Hi all,
I am having the two-colored leather interior coming with the Individual specification in Beige and Black.
I am using leather cleaning liquid kits but there are some spots that I couldnt
remove.Especially some strips from my blue indigo jeans which are impossible to be removed:mad:
p.s These jeans were my favourite and now I am now wearing them because of the car.This is madness:eek:
p.s Tell some hints to deal with this ugly problem..:rolleyes:
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I had heard of the blue issue before and always wondered about the cause. I wear Levi's all the time and have never had the staining with my cornsilk interior. Is it a problem with bad dyes in the fabric or some type of chemical reaction between the dye and sweating?
You should try the Hugo Boss denim line:mad:
Anyway.I am from Bulgaria and now it's pretty cold here,so I'm using the heated seats all the time.Is it possible to be a problem.i will also try the baby care milk-if the problem continues i will have my car flamed and buried:D
Sorry, not really into designer label clothes. I think one can pay too much for something just because some one has their name on a label. As for flaming and burying it, that seems a bit extreme. When all else fails maybe you can find a detailing shop that may be able to help with your stain issue.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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